FAMHES : Expertises and equipments

Equipment for processing and post-treatment

  • PHENIX PM 100T machine with coaxial bath vision and temperature field measurement in real time
  • CONCEPT LASER M2 dual laser machine equipped with secondary coaxial heating and online process control
  • Cold Spray (600°C/3MPa/N2-He)
  • Plasma projection (F4 and F100 connex torches)
  • Projection chamber 18m3 robotic under air or under vacuum
  • Laser shock (5ns / 2J) : LASAT adhesion and laser peening
  • Thermal treatment furnaces under controlled atmosphere and under vacuum
  • Furnace for the elaboration of new Arc Melting alloys

Process diagnostics

  • IR cameras, high frequency imaging
  • Monochromatic and bichromatic pyrometry
  • Cold Spray Meter (Tecnar): particle velocity and temperature

Powder characterization

  • Laser particle size distribution
  • Density measurement
  • flowability
  • Morphological analysis (SEM and image analysis)

Material charactérisation

  • Metallurgical transformations by Thermal Analysis (DTA and DSC)
  • Crystallographic structure by EDS and EBSD
  • Chemical analysis by EDS and WDS
  • TEM observation (chemical analysis)
  • Measurement and 3D optical profilometry
  • Optical properties of materials by reflectometry

Modeling – Numerical simulation

  • Development of dedicated software tools
  • Thermal, metallurgical and mechanical modeling
  • Modeling at the scale of the cordon, the layer and the piece


FAMHES : Expertises and equipments - MINES ParisTech


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